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WELCOME to Gold Buyers of America™, we know that you have many options when selling your unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry. But as the world’s largest retail precious metals buyer, our company buying policy is to always put you, the customer, first. We understand selling gold your treasured gold items is a very emotional process and we take this responsibility very seriously. (Gold Buyers of America™ Pays 10% more for your Gold, Silver, Platinum than anybody in the industry!)


There is nothing more important than your satisfaction when it comes to gold price, service and integrity. That’s why with Gold Buyers of America, we cut out the middle-man and your precious metals: Gold, Silver, and Platinum go directly to our refinery, which gives us the ability to offer you the best gold prices in the industry. By being truthful and transparent throughout our entire process, a process which is often viewed with some apprehension, Gold Buyers of America™ demonstrates trust and honesty with each transaction. Whether you visit one of our gold buying locations, or mail your gold jewelry in, our goal is to make selling your unwanted gold, silver and platinum a comfortable and safe process. (SELL GOLD – SELL YOUR GOLD)

Matthew K. Zvacek
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Gold Buyers of America™ pays you cash for all your precious metals; gold, silver and platinum. Since we don’t accept costume jewelry or gold-plated pieces, we’ll perform complimentary purity tests on your items – just place your gold, silver, and platinum jewelry in our return “FedEx” envelope and cash in.


What we buy
Gold • 10k GOLD • 14k GOLD • 14kw GOLD • 18k GOLD • 18kw GOLD
22k GOLD • 24k • Platinum • Silver •
Silver serving sets (complete or incomplete sets) • Bracelets (in any condition)
Necklaces (any condition) • Gold watches • Silver & Gold coins • Dental Gold • Earrings • Rings • class rings • Charms • Estate jewelry